For a gastronomic stay !

The "Biscuit Rose de Reims"

"Put some greed in your life..."

Offer yourself a taste of the Biscuit Rose de Reims or the raspberry macarons, or melt in front of the cooked just "massepain" of this morning,
or share a festive moment with the special "pain d'épices de Reims" Foie gras...

You will find sweetness, pleasure and colors there.

Pain d’épices de Reims

The particularity of the "Gingerbread of Reims" is that it consists of rye flour and not wheat. It was during the Middle Ages that the first masters settled in Reims and had the idea to raise the taste of honey bread with spices. Reims becomes the capital of gingerbread after Henry IV gave the articles to the « corporation des pains épiciers » of the city.

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