The specific materials used and their benefits

The choice of unique 30cm thick alveolar brick walls offers an amazing capacity of thermal insulation and doesn’t require the use of additional materials such as polystyrene.

This natural material offers two mains benefits to ensure the comfort of our priviliged guests:

  • – Very low moisture retention, less than 5% humidity, ensuring healthy walls.
  • – A great thermal inertia, making the building non-sensitive to variations in temperature.

Thus in summer, the building remains cool in high heat, creating natural air-conditioning. This is also why in winter, the wall’s temperature differs, avoiding over heating the rooms, approaching from a natural comfort.

Finally, double glazed windows with low « emmissivity » are limiting too intense solar gains in summer, and  heat loss in winter.

Evolution, or Revolution ?!

The most important is that our guests simply enjoy this natural comfort….and feel good !