Go off to explore the 4 Champagne routes !

The massif of Saint Thierry and Ardre valley : Vineyards and forests form in the Massif of Sts-Thierry the magnificent green landscape, surrounding as a case of villages confidentially bound to the coronations of kings of France. From Reims-Tinqueux, the route drives you along picturesque roads.

The Montagne de Reims” the regional natural reserve : Its smooth sides are one of the finest French wine treasures. From Reims or Epernay (the route is signposted in both directions), 70 km to go in the heart of a Regional Natural Park.

The valley of the Marne and Epernay heights: Often overlooking the Valley, this route offers wonderful views and opens the doors of its rich heritage. Starting from Epernay, drive along the right bank of the Marne River and back by the left bank.

The “Côte des Blancs”Coast of white and the “Sezannais” hillside: The “Côte des Blancs” is the  of Chardonnay: its famous villages are built like an amphitheater on the hillside. The hills offer you both the bucolic and wine-growing charm. Starting from Epernay, the route is lined with historical evidence of great interest.